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**OFFICE CLOSED** May 23 & June 20, 2024

West Brookfield Town Hall
2 East Main Street
West Brookfield, MA 01585

Phone: (508) 867-1421, ext.6


Kevin Dorman


Bill Mansfield


Gary M. Simeone

Building Permit Sign off, Site Visits

Renee Adams White

Phone: (508) 867-1421, ext.304

The Registry of Motor Vehicles have recently announced that applications for the 2023 Low Number Plate Lottery will be accepted beginning June 30, 2023.  Applicants must apply by August 31.  For more information go to myRMV Online Service Center and scroll down to "Plates", and select the "Apply for Plate Lottery" button.


Office Hours For The Public:  Monday - Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Mailing Address: PO Box 372, West Brookfield, MA  01585

Phone: (508) 867-1421  ext. 304

Fax: (508) 867-1403

Fiscal Year 2024 Tax Rate is $11.23 per $1,000.00

Access to Record Cards can be accessed here:

The Assessors are elected officials who are required to value all property annually at full and fair cash value as outlined in Chapter 59 of the Massachusetts General Laws.

Real Estate

The market value of residential properties is determined by using the full and fair cash value sales of similar properties from the preceding year the first of January, the assessment date.  This includes all subdivisions and lot splits.

West Brookfield has accepted the provisions of Chapter 653 of the MGLS. All new construction and demolition is valued through June 30 of each year, based on January 1 assessment date.  All other communities value new construction through January 1.  Chapter 46 added that based on the issuance of a certificate of occupancy, the Assessors must value and commit a supplemental assessment and/or pro-forma tax. 

The Department of Revenue is charged, by statute, with the responsibility of certifying, every three years, that the Assessors are complying with the statutes and that they do it fairly and equitably.

When the values are completed, the assessors set the tax rate by dividing the levy (amount to be taxed) by the total taxable value.  The Bureau of Accounts must approve the tax rate prior to the sending of tax bills.

The Assessors also maintain the zoning and parcel maps annually, showing changes regarding sub-divisions, lot splits, and lot line changes.  The goal of Assessors is to provide equity in assessing and thereby providing tax equity.

The taxpayer has an opportunity to review their property record card and check for errors or to ask questions regarding the market value.  If there are any questions or errors, in their opinion, they need to discuss this with the Assessor or staff.  If they are aggrieved after the discussion, they may file an abatement application with the Board of Assessors by February 1, or by mailing to the Assessors and postmarked on that date.  If the bills are mailed after January 1, unless approved by the DOR, the deadline for filing is thirty days from the date of mailing.  If an abatement form is received after the deadline, the Assessors have no authority to abate the bill, even if there is an error.  We are, however, able to correct the error.

Motor Vehicle Excise Bills

The Registry of Motor Vehicles sends computerized data to all towns and the bills are then printed and mailed form the Tax Collector's Office.  The information on your bill comes from data the Registry of Motor Vehicles has in their files for any calendar year beginning January 1st.  Please pay particular attention to the "Garaging Location" on your insurance form.  If you have any changes in this location or in any other information, you must notify the Registry of Motor Vehicles so that your license, registration and Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Bills are correct.  This also guarantees that you receive a bill at your correct address.

In addition, if you have sold a motor vehicle during the year, you may apply for an abatement of your excise bill by completing an application and providing our office with proof of sale and a copy of either the Plate Return Receipt or the new registration if you transferred the plates to another vehicle.