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Highway Department

West Brookfield Town Hall
2 East Main Street
West Brookfield, MA 01585

Phone: (508) 867-1421, ext.9

Highway Superintendent

James P. Daley

Phone: (508) 867-1417, ext.9


Administrative Assistant

Tammi Kemp


Town of West Brookfield Snow and Mailbox Policy

The Town of West Brookfield does not replace mailboxes unless a plow, working for the Town, goes off the roadway and physically hits the mailbox. Most times, mailboxes are damaged from the force of the snow being pushed off the road and not by the plow hitting it. Mailboxes should be checked prior to the snow season for stability and make repairs or replace prior to the cold weather. If a mailbox is struck physically, the maximum refund to the homeowner is up to $50.00.

Please note:

In accordance with West Brookfield Town By-Laws Chapter X, Sections 11 & 12:

Section 11
"Snow or ice removed from driveways, public ways, streets, roadways, sidewalks or private property shall not be plowed, shoveled or blown into a public way, street or roadway so as to create a safety hazard or obstacle to normal travel. (Adopted 8/25/80) (Amended 12/28/99)"

Section 12
"Snow or ice removed from driveways, sidewalks or private property shall not be plowed, shoveled or blown across any public way, street or roadway. (Adopted 5/15/78)"

Phone: (508) 867-1417