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Honoring of Robert E. Benson "Benny"

                                                                       West Brookfield Honors 

                                                                           Robert E. Benson



As a young man, Benny attended Worcester Vocational Technical High School where he took up the trade of Electrical Engineering. In 1951 he married his wife Eva where they enjoyed their lives together for 63 years until her passing in 2014. Also in February 1951, he joins the United States Air Force where he became a Radar Specialist. Benny spent time in Japan and Kessler Air Force Base in Mississippi. He was honorably discharged as a Sargeant in January 1955.

Benny had many jobs in the area where he drove truck for the Varnum Yeast Factory and working in area Post Offices.

In 1971, Benny became a Water Commissioner and worked with the Town of West Brookfield’s Water Department retiring May 24th, 2024, He retired with 52 years of dedicated service as a Water Commissioner.

In association with the Water Department, Benny became a member of the Storm Water Committee in 2001 as a representative of the Water Department. Also retiring May 24th, 2024. He retired after 23 years as a Storm Water Committee member.

Back in the 1990’s, Benny was also on a Youth and Littering Committee.

In 1972, Benny joined the West Brookfield Fire Department and spent many years as a Deputy Chief doing daily inspections as well as firefighting all over town and retiring as a commissioner in 2022 with a total of 51 years in the fire service.

Benny has dedicated most of his entire adult life to helping others. He has brought great credit to this Country, this community and to himself.