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Veterans Service Officer

Ellen T. Moore

Email -

(413) 364-7576



               Veteran Coming Home!

Veterans’ Service Officers (VSOs) play a crucial role in assisting Massachusetts veterans and their dependents. Here are some of the essential services they provide:

  1. Outreach Services: VSOs educate veterans about available benefits and services. They actively reach out to veterans to ensure they are aware of their entitlements.

  2. Referrals: VSOs offer referrals to various programs and services that cater to veterans and their dependents. Whether it’s healthcare, housing, or financial assistance, they guide veterans toward the right resources.

  3. State Veterans’ Benefits: VSOs help veterans apply for state-specific benefits, including the Chapter 115 financial benefits and the annuity program.

  4. Employment Assistance: They assist veterans in accessing employment resources through career centers and related programs.

  5. Coordination of Veteran Observances: VSOs organize and coordinate events such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day observances.


Executive Office of Veterans Services

Executive Office of Veterans Servies Transisition Toolkit

Eligibility and Service Requirements